The ability for us to reach a quick diagnosis of your pet's illness is important to you, and vital to the prompt treatment of your pet's condition. In order to provide this, our in-house laboratory is equipped to deliver results to a wide range of blood and other laboratory tests within as short as 15 minutes.

Our in house laboratory has a full range of modern Idexx diagnostic equipment. We can run total haematology blood counts, full biochemistry and electrolytes with results in as little as 15 minutes. Access to these tests can literally save your pets life in acute conditions. We can also test Thyroid (TT4), and Cortisol levels. Idexx also allow us to carry out a full urinalysis range of tests in minutes. Idexx are the biggest company in the World for veterinary laboratory testing and are constantly updating their capabilities. 

Blood testing for skin diseases is an area of rapid development in recent times and we use this sevice frequently now to help us make an accurate diagnosis and to treat with fast and accurate results

We offer testing on patients before they undergo anaesthesia, and also to monitor the general health of our geriatric patients at a special rate.

For some more complex tests, we work with the pathologists of a specialist veterinary laboratory in the UK. These tests obviously require a little more time, however most results are back in 5-7 days.

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