Most people will be familiar with x-rays from their application in human medicine. They are a fantastic tool for investigating problems arising with bones, the abdomen and chest. Here are some examples:

A chest X-ray of a dog   A fractured tibia

Sometimes, our more unusual patients need to be x-rayed, such as this Parrot:

X-ray of a parrot

Barium contrast studies for stomach and intestine are  very useful for diagnosis of conditions such as foreign bodies stomach ulcers tumours and pyloric stenosis.

We have a digital x-ray processor. This system gives us the most high quality views available today so that you pet will get the very best in terms of diagnostic imaging. Also with this system we are capable of getting an immediate opinion from a consultant radiologist by emailing the images. This is extremely useful for unusual cases and allows your pet to get the very best treatment when it is required without delay.

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